Our Story

Like many growing up in and around Sydney, a sense of identity was developed around Sydney’s street culture, an instantly recognisable style stemming from this city that made its way all over Australia and parts of the globe. It was through the expression of fashion and insight to this style that led the inspiration behind RaysLocker and its strategic choice of inventory. It is part of our objective at RaysLocker to showcase Sydney’s unique sneaker culture to the world.

Encouraged by a passion at an early age, RaysLocker was established in 2017 from the process and journey of collecting, buying, selling and trading niche sneakers through a community of different social media groups. With a belief in honesty, a focus on customer service and an eye for upcoming trends, RaysLocker steadily rose amongst the ranks as a recognised name in the Australian sneaker industry, a reputation for reliability was created and the rest is history.

Implementing a successful business model of dealing directly with the consumer through instagram, a personalised service was developed and strong relationships with customers were built. Fast-forward four years of exponential growth, RaysLocker now competes with established Australian corporations in the footwear industry, supplying discontinued and exclusive sneakers to the masses, locally and internationally. Overwhelming demand was a result of this growth, and a web-store was designed to accomodate and upscale the services provided, while attracting a larger audience base.

At RaysLocker, our main goal is to provide the best quality sneakers the market has to offer, while focusing on the customer service you know and love. We believe there is absolutely no limits to this hobby, and have witnessed from experience the positive impact this passion can have. Whether you’re a weekly regular or looking for a one-off pair, we are here for you.

We’re proud to say that every products is acquired carefully and checked thoroughly from reliable sources around the world, taking out the hard work and allowing you to focus on the important things.. Enjoying sneakers!

I’d like to thank you for your support thus far, and we’re looking forward to supplying you with your next pair of kicks.